What Should Be Ordered In Best Places To Eat in Madrid - Lamb Tikka Masala or Tanduri Chicken?


Most of the best places to eat in Madrid offer both lamb tikka masala and tanduri chicken. Foodies often get confused about lamb tikka masala and tanduri chicken. What to eat? Lamb tikka can be defined as chunks of lamb, marinated in a mixture of spices and yogurt. Tanduri on the other hand is made dry in comparison to the lamb masala tikka. All knows that lamb is fatty than chicken. On the other hand, lamb has beneficial properties such as iron and zinc. Therefore the best way to maintain a proper diet is taking such foods occasionally not regularly.

Lamb tikka masala is rich than tanduri no doubt. Lots of creams and sauces are added into the recipe to bring flavor and taste. The sauces are made of onions, garlic and lots of oil. This is enough to understand how fatty it is. Another spices used in lamb tikka masala are chilli, garam masala and ginger. Tomatoes are used generously to add sour taste and colour into the recipe. The richest ingredient in the recipe is double cream. Cream adds taste to the food. Creams add lots of calories to the food. In contrast to this, tanduri chicken is known as a low-fat recipe.

The first step of cooking tanduri chicken is same as lamb tikka masala. Chicken should be marinated in the mixture of spices and yogurt. The spices used in this recipe are almost same like the previous one. But two things make the difference between the two. First of all chicken is less fatty than lamb as it has been stated above. And the second thing is the use of cream.  Cream is not used in Tanduri chicken unlike lamb tikka masala. These are all the differences of the two Indian foods. Now what should be ordered is up to the foodies. Whatever the choice is Indian food restaurants in Madrid are ready to serve the item.

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