Looking for a Dinner at Indian Food Restaurants in Madrid?


Are you looking for best places to eat in Madrid? Indian food would give you a divine taste. India is a massive country having diverse culinary styles. There are multiple tastes such as sweet, salt etc in their lives and foods as well. They are real foodies who never compromise with foods; always use fresh vegetables and prefer lots of spices and herbs. Food is related to many other aspects such as culture, ingredients, history, regions etc.

Indians are too much sensitive to their foods. It sounds little dramatic, right? Yes, it may sound a little dramatic, but it is true. They take immense amusement in “khana” (food). They take their foods as a rich element of their culture. Recipes are passing from one generation to another. The country has various states with individual culture. These individual cultures have given birth of the wide range of Indian cuisine. The differences in various regional food are made by the local ingredients and cooking style. The ingredients which are available in a particular region dominate the food culture of that area.

Ingredients and regions:
As it has been stated above, local ingredients influence the local food habit. It is a real challenge to define the Indian food culture simply by its ingredients. Indian foods reflect culture, region, geography and many other things. Many Hindus and Jains eat only vegetable dishes. Hindus do not eat beef while Muslims love to have beef. Coastal regions prefer fishes as fishes are available in these regions. Even Indian food restaurants in Madrid try to preserve the originality of the regional dishes.We have some travler in our restaurant and they having Dinner in our Swagat Restaurent in Madrid.

History has great influence on food culture as the country had been ruled by many invaders in several times. All of these influences together have given the current shape of Indian cuisine.

Swagat Restaurant offers delicious Indian foods in Madrid with pure and original taste. For any query or help, contact: swagat29@hotmail.com

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