What Best Places to Eat Indian Food in Madrid Offer?


Why do the best places to eat in Madrid offer Indian dishes? In answer, it can be said that Indian cuisines are regarded as the most famous dishes all across the world. The dishes are delicious and healthy. In the previous days, many people in foreign countries complained that restaurants do not serve dishes with original Indian taste. But now most of the restaurants serve almost the same taste in the foreign land. One reason behind this change is that in the earlier days, foreigner chefs were trained to cook Indian dishes as few Indians travel outside. But now, due to the blessings of globalization, many people go to the outside countries in search of luck. The next question which comes into the mind is what should an Indian food lover expect from these food corners? Let’s discuss the answer in detail.

Indian cuisine is strongly influenced by diverse religions and cultures. The regional dishes differ from each other in the use of spices and cooking techniques. Indians are divided into two categories in terms of food habits: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. This division is made by religions. In the ancient time, India was mainly dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism. Both of these two religions believe in the importance of life. Therefore, they prohibit killing creatures to eat. During the Muslim rule, beef recipes were greatly popularized. Since this time, the north Indians became greatly influenced by the Mughal recipes. Still, Indian states such as Delhi, Punjab are popular for Mughlai recipes. These recipes include mushroom tandoori, chicken tikka, lamb kebab, chicken tandoori etc. There are a variety of vegetarian dishes as well. This wide range of vegetable dishes includes palak paneer, Matar paneer, karai paneer, achari baigan, dal tadka, vegetable kofta, Gobi aloo, chana masala etc. All of these dishes are served in most of the Indian food restaurants in Madrid.

The Swagat restaurant belongs to the best places to eat Indian food in Madrid which offers delicious dishes in a gentle ambiance. Try pure Indian taste and for more details, contact: swagat29@hotmail.com

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