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Often foodies search the best places to eat Indian food in Madrid. Indian food is widely known for its exotic taste and aroma due to the application of various spices, herbs and cooking methods. Globalization has greatly expanded Indian restaurant chains across the world. Therefore, Indians, staying outside for a long time now can enjoy the flavor of the home in a foreign land. On the other hand, foreigners will be able to explore exotic Indian dishes. There are many things which have made Indian food unique and tasty such as geographical diversities, cultural differences, religions, the influence of the invaders etc.

 Many philosophers have regarded India as the world in a miniature form. Geographical diversities
have made the philosophers to think so. These differences have influences on the food culture of the country as well. Geographical divisions allow each part to exercise individual culture including food habit.For instance, north Indian recipes differ a lot from the south Indian recipes.India is the home of multiple races each having an independent culture. Indian cuisine is an amalgamation of diverse cultures. Different cultures have different rituals and cooking technique which can be found to be reflected in the Indian cuisine.

India is a country where various regions live in peace and harmony for years. In the ancient time, India was dominated by Hinduism and Buddhism. Later Muslims came to rule and a stay here forever. Each religion has some restrictions and preferences. Indian cuisine includes preferences of all religions; Hindus’ vegetable preferences, Muslims’ beef preferences etc.

Several invaders have come to the country and reign for long periods. One time their rule faded. But they became part of the country and India had generously embraced their culture. Mughals introduced Mughlai recipes; Portuguese introduced various spices and the association with the British gave birth of Anglo-Indian food.

Eating Indian food gives immense pleasure to multiple senses such as tongue (for taste), nose (for smell), eyes (for sights). Are you already yearning to have some Indian dishes? Then, you should search Indian food restaurants in Madrid on The Internet and go for it. Swagat Restaurant belongs to one of the best places to eat food in Madrid. For detail information, get in touch. Mail at:

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