What Are The 5 Myths About Indian Food In Madrid?


Indianfood restaurants in Madrid always attract the foodies as the magnet attracts iron. But there are many myths about Indian cuisine which affect its reputation in the world restaurant business. What are these myths? A brief discussion about the myths is given below.

Indian dish means spicy dish
The world considers that Indian cuisine is all about spice. It is true that Indian cooking is spicier in comparison to Europe. But there are many states in this sub-continent where food is sweet and not so spicy. South region avoids excessive use of spice in cooking. These dishes are also less spicy.

Only Vegetable
Many foreigners think that Indian cuisine is all about vegetable. Almost 80 % of total Indians belong to Hinduism. Hinduism prohibits any kind of meat, fish and egg in eating habit. Therefore, dwellers in some of the Hindu-dominated regions avoid non-vegetarian items. But most of the states now accept non-vegetarian dishes including meat, fish and eggs. So the notion that all Indian dishes are vegetarian is wrong.

Lack of variety
Foreigners think that there is no variety in Indian cuisine. This is exactly opposite of what is the truth. The country is divided into different regions. Every region has its own food culture and habit. Therefore, it has a wide range of tasty items.

Non-vegetarian includes not only Chicken tikka
This is perhaps the most popular myth about Indian recipe. This myth was spread by the British who ruled India for a long time. Well, Indian recipe is not all about chicken tikka. There are many other dishes which are acclaimed by the foodies.

Indian food means curry
Curry is one of the major types of Indian dishes but there are many other dishes which are tasty and healthy. Some of these dishes are butter chicken, chicken korma, Hyderabadi chicken, lamb tikka masala, dhania fish etc.

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