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Indian food restaurants in Madrid have really excelled since few years. Indian food is undoubtedly a form of Indian ecstasy. Curry is the most popular Indian dish. But this is not the name of a particular dish. Curry is the name of a category of Indian food. Generally, a mixture of vegetables or meats and various spices and other ingredients together are called curry. From malai kofta to butter chicken, all is regarded as curry. Food plays a vital role in Indian society and family.

Indians are world famous for their food love. They take foods very seriously. Both Indian dinner and lunch are elaborate. There are main courses dishes followed by desserts such as kulfi, gulabjamun, gajjar halwa etc. There are some foods which contain extra calories. These foods are too tasty to avoid. Therefore, one should maintain a balance between the desire and the health. The taste of Indian food varies as each household has the different style of preparing the same food. Many people, staying outside India avoid cooking thinking that it would be elaborate. But this is far from the truth. Now all the spices and ready-made masalas are available at markets. These ready-made masalas and spices have saved a lot of time for preparation. Indian dishes now can be made in a few times.

Many Indian restaurants, outside India, offer authentic Indian dishes keeping the same flavor and taste. There are certain must-have dishes such as butter chicken, dal makhani, palak paneer etc.
Swagat Restaurant is included in the bestplaces to eat in Madrid. They offer authentic Indian food at affordable ranges. For any query or information, contact:

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