This Weekend Go Crazy With Indian Food in Madrid


Indian Food in Madrid
List of some of the best places to eat in Madrid is long enough. Many restaurants offer delicious foods in an attractive price (don’t worry, here “attractive” means reasonable). This is a common feature of human nature: they doubt a thing which can be achieved in a cheaper price. Is the quality good? They think. Well, this is not true in all cases. It is one of the business tricks to provide standard products or services in reasonable prices. It helps a business to achieve more profits because most of the people are driven to a place where standard products can be found in affordable price.  When the business is food oriented, customers always want good food in reasonable price.  Madrid is perhaps the best place in the world, where good food is provided in the most reasonable price.

Menús del día” can be regarded as one of the most fascinating features of Madrid. It implies fixed price lunches. It is a tradition of Madrid’s restaurants to provide good lunch meals in affordable price which is called menús del día” in Spanish. Generally there are two packages under this fixed price scheme:  one can pay €10 for an average 3-course lunch and €15 for a better one. There may be a little difference in cost in different restaurants in Madrid. Overall the difference in the cost is really minimal.  This fixed price offer is applicable only on weekends and for lunch only.

Swagat Restaurant is one of the best Indian food restaurants in Madrid having the facility of fixed price lunch, providing delicious Indian foods in reasonable price.

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