Why Best Places To Eat In Madrid should Offer Indian Sweets


Being the food capital, best places to eat in Madrid are many in number. Indian foods are popular in Madrid like any other city of the world. Sweet is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Indians welcome good news with sweets. It is their belief that anything new should be started with some sweets. They call it “muh mitha karwao” whenever a good news knocks their doors. The meaning of the phrase is “serve some sweets to make the mouth sweet”. They demand sweet when anyone get a job, a family welcomes new bride or groom or a new born in the house and many other occasions. It has been said that Indians always search an excuse to eat some sweets. Their love for sweet is known to the world. Even marriage invitations cards are always distributed with sweets in India.   Marriage in India is incomplete without sweets.  Not only marriages, all the celebrations in India are incomplete without sweets.  From this description, it is clear that importance of sweets in Indian life is immense.  Many foreigners are also fans of Indian sweets.

Traditional Indian sweets are often served with tea or coffee or other beverages.  Apart from this, two or more items of sweets are served together in India. In India, there is a tradition of offering sweets as gifts in the festivals like dussera, diwali etc. Even, in the corporate companies, sweets are distributed during the festivals

Restaurants offer Indian sweets as dessert. Some of the most delicious Indian dessert includes gulab jamun, kulfi, gajjar halwa etc. It is possible to get pure Indian sweets in Indian food restaurants in Madrid. Even Spanish and foreigners.

Swagat Restaurant offers a wide range of Indian foods including traditional Indian sweets in the dessert. For more information, reach at here: swagat29@hotmail.com

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